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Doctor Copy is an Canon, Copystar, Ricoh, Sharp and many other Analog and Laser Copier Repair Center and can provide you with repair services for almost any make of Copier.
Fast ,Friendly Service is the Basis of Our Company.
Labor Rates

Our normal service area is within a 20-mile radius of Brockton MA.
Service outside the normal service area is billed at an additional
travel charge of 1/4 hour labor for each additional 10 miles of
travel. You may ship your copier to us and we will repair it in our
own repair shop at our normal in shop carry-in rates plus shipping
and handling.
 for on-site service calls Black and White or Color Laser Copiers.
One hour minimum and Three hour maximum. This means that if we cannot repair
your copier in two hours it is our problem, not yours. You will
never pay more than 3 hours of labor for any copier repair. Parts
needed to Service your copier properly are extra. This two hour maximum labor
rule does not apply for copiers that have been damaged or abused. Carry-in services $59.00/hr Black and White or Color Laser Copiers.

All repairs are guaranteed for 30 days from the date of repair.

We provide out of warranty repair
services on the following Manufacturers


Copier Repair Avon Ma.

Canon Copier Repairs Avon Ma, Canon Copier Service Avon Mass, Canon
Photocopier Repair, Avon Ma.

Copystar Copier Repairs Avon Ma, Copystar Copier Service Avon Mass,
Copystar Photocopier Repair, Avon Ma.

Konica Copier Repairs Avon Ma, Konica Copier Service Avon Mass, Konica
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Kyocera Copier Repairs Avon Ma, Kyocera Copier Service Avon Mass, Kyocera
Photocopier Repair, Avon Ma.

Minolta Copier Repairs Avon Ma, Minolta Copier Service Avon Mass, Minolta
Photocopier Repair, Avon Ma.

Mita Copier Repairs Avon Ma, Mita Copier Service Avon Mass, Mita
Photocopier Repair, close to me in Avon Ma.

Panasonic Copier Repairs Avon Ma, Panasonic Copier Service Avon Mass,
Panasonic Photocopier Repair, Avon Ma.

Ricoh Copier Repairs Avon Ma, Ricoh Copier Service Avon Mass, Ricoh
Photocopier Repair, Avon Ma.

Samsung Copier Repairs Avon Ma, Samsung Copier Service Avon Mass, Samsung
Photocopier Repair, Avon Ma.

Minolta Copier Repairs Avon Ma, Minolta Copier Service Avon Mass, Minolta
Photocopier Repair, Avon Ma.

Sharp Copier Repairs Avon Ma, Sharp Copier Service Avon Mass, Sharp
Photocopier Repair, Avon Ma.

Toshiba Copier Repairs Avon Ma, Toshiba Copier Service Avon Mass, Toshiba
Photocopier Repair, Avon Ma.

Xerox Copier Repairs Avon Ma, Xerox Copier Service Avon Mass, Xerox
Photocopier Repair, Avon Ma.


Copier Repairs Avon Massachusetts, Copier Service Avon Ma.



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